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In order for you to easily find and view the – in my opinion – most interesting blogs, I offer here an overview with their links. When you read them all, you will get an excellent idea of what’s on my mind.

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2018 – The start




  • The Idea of the World, according to Bernardo Kastrup – Posted on
  • Cause, effect and time – Posted on
  • The role of consciousness cannot be ignored, Quantum Physics confirms despite opposition – Posted on
  • The relational interpretation of quantum physics – Posted on
  • An ultra short introduction into quantum physics – Posted on
  • Consciousness taken to court – Posted on
  • Another nail in the coffin of materialism – Posted on
  • Non-duality, time and the art of happiness – Posted on
  • Gifts of Unknown Things – Posted on
  • Multiversa hypothesis conflicts with the double slit experiment – Posted on
  • Schrödinger’s stopwatch – Posted on



  • Psychokinesis and quantum entanglement – Posted on
  • A Crash Course Quantum Physics and Consciousness – Posted on
  • There is always a conscious observer at the end of every experiment. If it was not, the result would not have been there either – Posted on
  • The One – Posted on
  • Retrocausality or Retro-creativity? – Posted on
  • Yin and Yang – Posted on