Notes – References to Internet content

Quantum Physics is NOT Weird

Introduction (Quantum Physics in the media)

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1: Paradoxes – ‘I know how it is’

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2: The discovery of the solar system

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3: The clockwork universe and the ether

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4: The collapse of classical physics

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5: Uncertainty, the quantum collapse

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6: An obscuring forest of hypotheses

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7: The delayed choice experiments

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8: Information, Communication, Entropy

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9: The dubious existence of the photon

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10: Retrocausality in physical reality

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11: Quantum biology

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12: A possible model. Descartes and the illusion of the world

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13: Falsifiability of the consciousness hypothesis

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14 Consilience

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A: Observers in physics

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B: Faster than light communication with the quantum eraser?

C: Waves, phases and frequency

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D: Locality and fields

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E: A short introduction to complex numbers

F: Multiversa, what it means in numbers


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