The internet contains countless pages on the subject of quantum physics and consciousness.

  • Renowned quantum physicist, John Hagelin (PhD, Harvard), presents the thesis that consciousness is a unified field that contains nature’s programming code and transcending through meditation is a pathway to hack / access consciousness. John Hagelin will speak from 07:30.
  • The presentation of a Hovo course on quantum mechanics by Professor Jo van den Brand at the VU Amsterdam. Solutions of the Schrödinger equation – for mathematicians. The website of Jo van den Brand with all links and downloads. (NB: Not about consciousness)
  • The weak magnetic component of the light wave – this is not about photons – ​​can be measured since 2009. Download full pdf here from AMOLF.
  • A test that should provide a definitive answer about which of the many quantum hypotheses remains valid. Read on Quanta Magazine.
  • An interesting link between quantum computers, space and time. Read ‘How space and time could be a quantum error correction code’. Read on Quanta Magazine.
  • Borne’s conjecture that the state wave is indeed a probability distribution is now being explored more deeply: Mysterious Quantum Rule Reconstructed From Scratch. Read on Quanta Magazine.
  • The holographic quantum universe – the origin of space and time. Read on Quanta Magazine.
  • Graphic talk about the Universe – Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. View on YouTube.
  • A major test is underway to put the various theories about consciousness through its paces. However, the theories mentioned in this article are all completely materialistic. No theories are tested that assume non-material consciousness. You can certainly not call that an all-encompassing research. Dean Radin’s double-slit experiment, in which subjects influence the interference pattern with their mind, is not included, for example. Read on Quanta Magazine.