Exploring Consciousness

At the Arthur Findlay College

This short course is about bringing different viewpoints on consciousness together. It is open to anyone interested in the topic. You do not need to be a medium to come along to this course. There will be a variety of sessions given by the tutors.

Quantum Physics: A crash course

Part of the exploration is a crash course in quantum physics and a follow up discussion.

Although Quantum Physics does not provide hard evidence for the survival of consciousness, it clearly supports it because the observer cannot be separated from the experiment and even influences the experimental result by just observing it. This is only understandable when consciousness is the primary creator of reality. This in turn supports the survival hypothesis. This begs of course the question what happens with two or more conscious observers. We will see that dividedness is an illusion and that all has to be connected.


  • COURSE ORGANISER: Penny Hayward
  • COURSE TYPE: General Interest
  • ABILITY: Mixed Level



  • Number of Nights: 2
  • Arrive after 3 pm for 5 pm
  • Start on Friday 27th January 2023
  • Depart after lunch on
  • Sunday 29th January 2023