Books on Quantum Physics and Consciousness

There are very few books that deal in depth with both subjects and their connections. By the way, that is exactly what I have aimed at with my own book. Still, there is a large amount of interesting literature to be found in this field.

QuantumManjit Kumar2008-2009
Einsteins Schleier – Die neue Welt der QuantenphysikAnton Zeilinger2005
The Self-Aware UniverseAmit Goswami1993-1995
Science and Psychic PhenomenaChris Carter2007
The Conscious UniverseDean Radin1997
Quantum Enigma – Physics encounters ConsciousnessBruce Rosenblum, Fred Kuttner2011
The Holographic UniverseMichael Talbot1991
Trespassing on Einstein’s Lawn – A Father, a Daughter, the Meaning of Nothing, and the Beginning of EverythingAmanda Gefter2014
Empirical Evidence for the Non-material Nature of ConsciousnessJuleon Schins2004
To explain the world -The discovery of modern scienceSteven Weinberg2015
30-Second Quantum Theory – The 50 most thought-provoking quantum concepts, each explained in half a minuteBrian Clegg2015
Introducing Quantum Theory – A Graphic GuideJ.P. McEvoy, Oscar Zarat2013
Gravity does not exist – A Puzzle for de 21st CenturyVincent Icke2014
Why science does not disprove GodAmir D. Aczel2014
The way from Science to Soul – Integrating Physics, the Brain & the Spiritual JourneyCasey Blood2007
Reality is not what it seems – The Journey to Quantum GravityCarlo Rovelli2014
The End of TimeJulian Barbour1999
An End to Upside Down ThinkingMark Gober2018
Transcendental PhysicsEdward R. Close1997
Lost in Math – How beauty leads physics astraySabine Hossenfelder2018
The Quantum Handshake – Entanglement, Nonlocality and TransactionsJohn G. Cramer2016
The Mind of God – Science & The Search for Ultimate MeaningPaul Davies1992
About Time – Einstein’s Unfinished RevolutionPaul Davies1995
The Order of TimeCarlo Rovelli2017
Quantum Mechanics – The Theoretical MinimumLeonard Susskind, Art Friedman2014
The Universe in your Hand – A Journey through Space, Time and BeyondChristophe Galfard2015
Beyond WeirdPhilip Ball2019
The idea of the WorldBernardo Kastrup2019
Quantum Activism Can Save CivilisationAmit Goswami2011
Life on the Edge – The Coming of Age of Quantum BiologyJim Al-Khalili, JohnJoe McFadden2015
Time Loops and Space Twists – How God Created the UniverseFred Alan Wolf2011
The Nature of Space and TimeStephen Hawking, Roger Penrose1996
The new Science of Consciousness SurvivalAlan Ross Hugenot2016
Light Years – The extraordinary Story of Mankind’s Fascination with LightBrain Clegg2001
My Big TOEThomas Campbell2003
The Rainbow and the WormMae-Wan Ho2008
Living Rainbow H2OMae-Wan Ho2012
There is nothing but Mind and ExperiencesR. Craig Hogan2020
Mind into Matter – A New Alchemy of Science and SpiritFred Alan Wolf2001
The selection Effect – How Consciousness Shapes RealityHerbert Ian Mertz2020
Biocentrism – How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the UniverseRobert Lanza, Bob Berma2009
A lawyer presents the Evidence for the AfterlifeVictor & Wendy Zammit2013
Der Teil und das GanzeWerner Heisenber2001
HelgolandCarlo Rovell2021
Seven Brief Lessons on PhysicsCarlo Rovelli2017
QED-The Strange Theory of Light and MatterRichard P. Feynman2006
De KwantenMarten Toonder1995
Bouwstenen van de Materie – Inleiding tot de atoomfysica en de kwantummechanicaHeiko Jan Mein2018-2019-2020