Books on Quantum Physics and Consciousness

There are very few books that deal in depth with both subjects and their connections. By the way, that is exactly what I have aimed at with my own book. Still, there is a large amount of interesting literature to be found in this field.

In the Stars column you will find my very personal recommendation concerning its quality and its relevance for the connection between quantum physics and consciousness

QuantumManjit Kumar2008-2009****
Einsteins Schleier – Die neue Welt der QuantenphysikAnton Zeilinger2005***
The Self-Aware UniverseAmit Goswami1993-1995****
Science and Psychic PhenomenaChris Carter2007****
The Conscious UniverseDean Radin1997****
Quantum Enigma – Physics encounters ConsciousnessBruce Rosenblum, Fred Kuttner2011*****
The Holographic UniverseMichael Talbot1991***
Trespassing on Einstein’s Lawn – A Father, a Daughter, the Meaning of Nothing, and the Beginning of EverythingAmanda Gefter2014****
Empirical Evidence for the Non-material Nature of ConsciousnessJuleon Schins2004***
To explain the world -The discovery of modern scienceSteven Weinberg2015**
30-Second Quantum Theory – The 50 most thought-provoking quantum concepts, each explained in half a minuteBrian Clegg2015**
Introducing Quantum Theory – A Graphic GuideJ.P. McEvoy, Oscar Zarat2013***
Gravity does not exist – A Puzzle for de 21st CenturyVincent Icke2014**
Why science does not disprove GodAmir D. Aczel2014**
The way from Science to Soul – Integrating Physics, the Brain & the Spiritual JourneyCasey Blood2007***
Reality is not what it seems – The Journey to Quantum GravityCarlo Rovelli2014****
The End of TimeJulian Barbour1999***
An End to Upside Down ThinkingMark Gober2018****
Transcendental PhysicsEdward R. Close1997**
Lost in Math – How beauty leads physics astraySabine Hossenfelder2018***
The Quantum Handshake – Entanglement, Nonlocality and TransactionsJohn G. Cramer2016**
The Mind of God – Science & The Search for Ultimate MeaningPaul Davies1992***
About Time – Einstein’s Unfinished RevolutionPaul Davies1995****
The Order of TimeCarlo Rovelli2017***
Quantum Mechanics – The Theoretical MinimumLeonard Susskind, Art Friedman2014***
The Universe in your Hand – A Journey through Space, Time and BeyondChristophe Galfard2015**
Beyond WeirdPhilip Ball2019****
The idea of the WorldBernardo Kastrup2019****
Quantum Activism Can Save CivilisationAmit Goswami2011***
Life on the Edge – The Coming of Age of Quantum BiologyJim Al-Khalili, JohnJoe McFadden2015****
Time Loops and Space Twists – How God Created the UniverseFred Alan Wolf2011***
The Nature of Space and TimeStephen Hawking, Roger Penrose1996***
The new Science of Consciousness SurvivalAlan Ross Hugenot2016***
Light Years – The extraordinary Story of Mankind’s Fascination with LightBrain Clegg2001**
My Big TOEThomas Campbell2003****
The Rainbow and the WormMae-Wan Ho2008****
Living Rainbow H2OMae-Wan Ho2012***
There is nothing but Mind and ExperiencesR. Craig Hogan2020***
Mind into Matter – A New Alchemy of Science and SpiritFred Alan Wolf2001***
The selection Effect – How Consciousness Shapes RealityHerbert Ian Mertz2020***
Biocentrism – How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the UniverseRobert Lanza, Bob Berma2009***
A lawyer presents the Evidence for the AfterlifeVictor & Wendy Zammit2013**
Der Teil und das GanzeWerner Heisenberg2001****
HelgolandCarlo Rovell2021*****
Seven Brief Lessons on PhysicsCarlo Rovelli2017***
QED-The Strange Theory of Light and MatterRichard P. Feynman2006****
De KwantenMarten Toonder1995*****
Bouwstenen van de Materie – Inleiding tot de atoomfysica en de kwantummechanicaHeiko Jan Mein2018-2019-2020***
Through Two Doors at OnceAnil Ananthaswamy2019*****
The Trouble with Gravity – Solving the Mystery beneath our FeetRichard Panek2019*****