Quantum Physics is NOT Weird – Available now at Amazon

In August 2018 I self-published a book about quantum physics and consciousness, titled: Kwantumfysica, Informatie en Bewustzijn. Yes, sorry, in that arcane Dutch language. Because I’m Dutch and now living happily in The Hague, The Netherlands.

I wrote that book because I thought the contents would be of interest for all those people who are taking consciousness and its survival serious but are told emphatically that hard science has nothing to say about it. Not so, I assure you. The book sold remarkably well in The Netherlands. It’s available at Amazon.nl.

So, I translated my book into English. The title is: ‘Quantum Physics is NOT Weird. On the Contrary’. The e-book version was published in Januar 2021. The paper version in March 2021. Both are available at Amazon.com in paper and in E-book format.

A second edition is now available

In february 2022 I published an extremely carefully revised and comprehensive version of the book: ‘Quantum Physics is NOT Weird – It is how our consciousness creates our reality. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged’. It is of course available at Amazon (see above) but it is also available at the publisher: mybestseller.co.uk. Recommended for residents of the UK because of shorter delivery times. MyBestSeller is the publisher.

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A splendid review from a quantum physicist

Quantum physicist Amit Goswami Ph. D. did a review of my book and this is his enthusiastic reaction:

Paul van Leeuwen’s book QUANTUM PHYSICS IS NOT WEIRD is a wonderful, very readable book that will convince thousands upon thousands of serious readers, including students of science, why consciousness is necessary to understand quantum physics and why materialist science is not adequate. I give the book my highest recommendation. This book will also give the inquisitive reader an introduction to the aborning quantum science of consciousness.


Are you interested?

If you are interested in the contents, you will find here an extensive summary per chapter.

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Free preview download available

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