A change of perspective

The Copernican revolution

When Copernicus changed his perspective and that of his medieval contemporaries from a static earth with a revolving universe to a revolving earth circling around the sun, he turned his perspective inside out. Thus he initiated a revolution in the way mankind perceived his surroundings. Before that man experienced his body, his house, his city as being in rest and the sun, the planets and the stars revolved around him in familiar rhythms. Copernicus changed this perspective because the old one had become utterly complex and created problems that could not be resolved without creating other problems and severe contradictions. A revolution in physics ensued.

Heliocentrism is far more simple than geocentrism. So, what would you prefer?

So if you encounter a problem where every solution you try brings you complexities, contradictions and new problems to solve, then it is time perhaps to change your perspective of the problem. Perhaps your perspective is the real problem. So turn it inside out.

Inside out, outside in

Quantum physics presents us with such a problem. The Quantum Collapse, which is the end of the probability quantum state wave and the simultaneous apparition of the particle on measurement, is a problem that exist since about 1925 and still won’t go away since nearly hundred years now. A probability wave is not a physical material something, a particle is. Every attempt to solve this enigma ends after careful and accurate analysis in improbabilities and contradictions. Perhaps it is time for a change of perspective.

Think about the following question. Where is the world in our experience? Outside. Where do we experience the world around us? Inside. What do we mean here with inside and outside? Inside and outside of what? Your answer probably is, the mind. Right so. This is the common perspective with which we see the world. We experience the mind being inside the world, inside our bodies. Now turn that inside out. Try it. The world seen as existing completely inside the mind. Now the answers on the above questions change in an important way. For both questions the answer is now: inside.

When you apply that perspective, the Quantum Collapse loses its enigmatic status. Both quantum state wave and particle are then both mere thought forms. Thought forms changing from probability to recorded history. Experience becomes remembering recorded history. These historical records are also within the mind, necessarily of course.

Cosmic Consciousness

Now you ask probably how this can be when every being on this world and probably in the universe has its own mind. My answer would then be that you didn’t really a full inside out job. You still imagined an outside world full of beings with individual minds having a world, a whole universe inside each of them. That’s mind blowing indeed. So try it again, now better this time. All the worlds, all beings, the complete universe imagined inside the mind. THE mind. One unimaginably great mind. The Cosmic Consciousness. You are experiencing your life in a virtual reality imagined by the one mind. Somewhat like a novel character in an immense drama. You are part and parcel of it. Your mind I mean.

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Not so long ago I attended a lecture on Schopenhauer’s ‘Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung’. I was surprised how close his ideas about the world en the will to live (Die Wille) resembled the above picture. Had he known about the quantum collapse I suppose he would have embedded it in his philosophy.


For an introduction into quantumphysics and the real meaning of the quantum collapse: Start your change of perspective here.