Yin and Yang

Observation causes the manifestation, 
manifestation causes the observation.

The first part is the message of quantum physics, the second part is so obvious that we tend not to see the connection. But there is a straight connection between the two. Both seem opposites and implicate and initiate each other. It’s very much like the Yin-Yang symbol for simultaneous unity and duality. Yin and Yang are not real opposites but complementary and shape reality, just as observation and manifestation do.

We experience the events in the world as something that happens to us, but the truth is deeper, we are the author of our own story. But we are so absorbed in our story that we have forgotten our authorship.

The experience of a thought is the thinking of that thought. Do you see the obvious parallel to the observer effect? Think about that. Isn’t everything we experience a thought?

Which means that the moment you really control your thoughts, you have your own story also in hand. That is essentially what you are looking to achieve with meditation.

Hence our fascination with stories, such as in a book, a film, a play. We are the storyteller and the listener at the same time. Even dreams are actually stories that we create ourselves without realizing that we create them. The moment we realize that we dream, that it is ourselves who are creating the dream, we dream lucidly.

Isn’t the transition in dying something like it? In the communications about life after death that come to us through mediums and shamans, life after death is very similar to a transition from an ordinary to a lucid dream.

The Realities of Heaven: Fifty Spirits Describe Your Future Home.
by Miles Allen.

Asking for the meaning of existence is asking about the meaning of listening to stories, of the meaning of creating stories, of going to the cinema, of visiting a stage performance, of listening to music, of reading or writing a book. Of gathering wisdom.

This is the deeper message of quantum physics. Things, matter, are stories that we tell. That’s all folks.

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  1. Geachte Paul Jacobus van Leeuwen,

    Prof. Dick Meijer en Hans Geesink hebben een publicatie voorbereid over bewustzijn en quantum mechanics, en een relatie met Yin en Yang en het centrale punt WuJi.

    Scale-Invariant Geometry of Consciousness: from Projection at the Planck Level to Cosmic Manifestation as a Bidirectional “Stairway to Heaven”, zie op Research Gate Hans Geesink

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