Quantum coherence and life

I’m reading ‘Living Rainbow H2O’ right now. Not an easy book despite the fact that the chapters are short and therefore easy to understand. The writer, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, uses quite a few abbreviations after once introduced terms, such as CD for Coherent Domain. Something that calls for quite a bit of scrolling back. But it is endlessly inspiring.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho has done in-depth research into what goes on inside living beings. In general, the molecular structures of cells and viruses are studied by electron microscopy. But then the preparations have already died by the preparation. To look at living organisms with the microscope, she applied polarized light microscopy, a technique that already existed but until then was only used to study minerals. To her surprise and delight, she saw all the colors of the rainbow in the living 1mm moving embryo of the fruit fly.

The Rainbow and the Worm

She saw life unfold in all its splendid colours. Those colors were not only beautiful to look at, but they also told her a lot about the physical processes that took place there. The living cell contains approximately 70% water and it turned out that the processes in and properties of water itself are together responsible for all those colors. Water in living cells behaves like a liquid crystal, which explains the polarization of light going through the cell. This liquid crystal behavior appears to be essential for the chemical processes that run in living cells. This is something that will never be visible with the electron microscope. Ultimately, she concludes that the special properties of water play a major role in the quantum processes that take place in the living cell. All life exhibits quantum coherence. It is the hallmark of life. According to Ho, we see the guiding intelligence of consciousness at work there.

What is quantum coherence?

The quantum wave is an excitation of an immaterial medium. In order to have waves, a the substance of the medium has to be coherent. Which is strange for an immaterial medium. It is striking that if you search for it on the internet you will come across direct relationships with living systems and health. I therefore devoted a special study to it, in which I also came to a better understanding of the efficiency of chlorophyll. I talk about that in my book. After I felt I had a picture of quantum coherence that I could also explain, I dedicated a special page to quantum coherence on my website to it. You can find that page here.

Living water

Ho links quantum coherence to life and consciousness. Quantum coherence is an expression of the consciousness that is behind all the life we perceive. In the interview below, she also points to her finding that water at room temperature is already about 40% quantum coherent. When I now try to picture the enormous amount of contiguous water on this planet that is thus 40% quantum coherent, I get an impression of an enormous awe-inspiring living intelligent being in which all life we know must someday arise. Take a walk along the beach, look out over the sea and muse on it.


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