The problem with quantum uncertainty

Quantum physics is at the moment not yet a theory, argues Tim Maudlin, because quantum mechanics is still just a recipe, a formalism, that offers no ontological view of the world. I fully agree.

Gerard ’t Hooft still hopes for a theory describing an objective reality that would be based on information.

Roger Penrose hopes to find the solution for quantum physics and consciousness in the interaction between the microtubules in our neurons, gravity and consciousness.

Chiara Marletto mainly points out the incompatibility between the ‘sharp’ theory of relativity and the ‘blurry’ quantum world but does not offer a way out.

Philip Ball wholeheartedly acknowledges non-locality, the absence of properties of the quantum object until the object is measured, but offers us only words with no ontological comfort, so that we should just content ourselves with the weirdness for it to go away.

Watch and listen.

The Problem With Quantum | Roger Penrose, Gerard ‘t Hooft, Chiara Marletto, Phillip Ball © The Institute of Art and Ideas

Paul J. van Leeuwen graduated in applied physics in Delft TU in 1974. There was little attention to the significance of quantum physics for the view on reality at that time. However, much later in his life he discovered that there is an important and clear connection between quantum physics and consciousness. What he learned between then and today resulted in a post academic course in quantum physics for non-physicists. A little bit later he decided to put the contents of that course, and more, in a book published in Dutch: Kwantumfysica, Informatie en Bewustzijn - and started a website on the subject. He translated the Dutch version of his book in English, titled: 'Quantum Physics is NOT Weird'.

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