An online course in Quantum Physics and Consciousness.

In september 2021 I consider to start an online course in Quantum Physics and Consciousness. The course wiil be given in 5 sessions of about 2,5 hours every week. The course will follow more or less the contents of the book. The aim of the course is that students really understand the arguments how quantum physics tells us that the reality we experience is a projection of consciousness. This does not mean that the world is not real, that it is an illusion, just as the rainbow that you observe on a rainy day is real and not an illusion. The rainbow is a real manifestation. The illusion is your impression that the rainbow is a physical arch of colored light standing above you.

More information about the course – cost, agenda, requirements – will follow here soon. If you are interested, you can send a message here with the subject ‘Online course Quantum Physics and Consciousness’. You can also subscribe to my newsletter in order to receive more information about this and other interesting items.