A book by the end of 2020 – proofreaders wanted

In August 2018 I self-published a book about quantumphysics and consciousness, titled: Kwantumfysica, Informatie en Bewustzijn. Yes, sorry, in that arcane Dutch language. Because I’m Dutch and now living happily in The Hague, The Netherlands.

I wrote that book because I thought the contents would be of interest for many people who are taking consciousness and its survival serious but suppose that hard science has nothing to say about it. Not so I assure you. The book sold remarkably well. It’s even available at Amazon.nl.

Are you interested? At this moment you would have to subscribe to a Dutch language course if you really wanted to read my book. But wait….

I have translated my book into English. It’s titled ‘Quantum Physics, Information and Consciousness‘. Proofreaders are wanted because I’m not a native speaker of English. If you are a native speaker of English and interested in becoming a proofreader, please fill in the contactform below with your full name, your email and a short description of why you want to become proofreader and what your native language is. The first 10 registrations will receive a personalised and watermarked epub version of the book. The book is written for the interested lay person. No mathematics. Being familiar with technical literature, is an asset but not a requirement for a proofreader request.

Ir. Paul J. van Leeuwen MSc – The Hague – August 2020

I did receive 10 registrations from proofreaders, which is sufficient. Registration is closed now.

However, if you would like to receive an alert when the book goes into publication, you can submit a request for that here.

Quantum Physics, Information and Consciousness – Click to download a preview example.
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